Nando NANDO is a DJ residing in Los Angeles originally from Puerto Rico. He is currently one of the most popular and sought after dj's in the gay circuit scene and has played some of the biggest gay events around the world. He exploded onto the scene in NYC in 2012 [...]

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GSP GSP (alias George Spiliopoulos) is a London-based, International DJ/Producer and has been DJing in Greece for many years in the most important events and major clubs, until the winter 2010 when he started exporting his talent in Europe. His style is mostly Tech and Progressive House with a touch [...]

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Edu Quintas

Edu Quintas Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, this carioca lover of electronic music, lived the growth of the underground scene. During an exchange in the USA he began to frequent and admire the house scene where he learned from nights out with DJ's such as Victor Calderone, Peter Rauhofer and [...]

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Ana Paula

Ana Paula DJ Ana Paula is one of the most influential artists on the world stage of house music. She has delighted crowds in world cities such as London, New York, Barcelona, Montreal, Madrid, Atlanta, Toronto, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Miami, Paris, and Ibiza, just to name a few. In her native Brazil, [...]

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Micky Friedmann

Micky Friedmann Micky Friedmann is now based in Berlin since he joined the ´Berlin Ballet´ as a soloist dancer in 1998.  Micky received his classical and contemporary musical education at the Rubin academy of arts in Jerusalem.  Being exposed to Music & dance from a very young age made an [...]