Tristan Jaxx

DJ Tristan Jaxx’s hard-hitting signature brand of visceral house music commands an enthralling blend of deep, pounding sound, larger-than-life vocals and vast & voluminous instrumentals. These elements combine to form an aural orgasm of consistently elevated energy that is truly unique. With an obvious finger on the pulse of what is fresh, energetic and exciting, his hunger for compositions and sets that one can get completely lost inside is sweeping the world. His chart-topping podcast series (recorded live from his appearances around the world), “JAXX TRAXX,” has skyrocketed his appeal to new heights. He holds the distinction of remaining in the Top 20 in the House music category on PodOmatic for over three years and counting.

Named one of’s “Top 10 DJs You Should Know,” Jaxx spins an immense blend of house, tribal, EDM, trance, and progressive music while maintaining a signature style that is easily identifiable as his own. A night spent in earshot of his orchestra of sound is not one that can easily be removed from memory. Attempting to anticipate his next move is a feat even the most experienced of party-goers cannot predict as he skillfully mixes and blends his transitions to the point that one is left wondering if he is mixing live, transitioning between songs or premiering a self-produced remix never before heard live (something he strives to do at each and every live appearance).

One of the hardest-working DJ’s in circulation today, his abilities extend beyond his finely-tuned ear for contagious beats that one would be hard-pressed to resist moving to. He also regularly produces his own originals, remixes, edits, reconstructions, and mashes of songs that inspire him. From radio smashes to rarely played versions of tracks by current artists to classic anthems we can all relate to, Jaxx blurs the lines of what is expected on a dancefloor by never limiting himself to one genre or flair of music. His original works have been remixed by industry heavyweights such as Andre Grossi, Estafano Lezama, Luis Vazquez, Aurel Devil and Oscar Velazquez.

A generous musician who continually releases his productions and live sets, he considers himself “the people’s DJ,” being a consumer of the nightlife scene himself for most of his life. From a young age, he would hear a popular club song and in his head he would translate or mashup the sound with a different beat or track. With constant encouragement from his true believers, he spent years teaching himself the craft, being unconstrained by the bold and sometimes imperfect ideas in his head. This daring method of learning the necessary skills to share the music inside of him with dancefloors around the world eventually paid off. His big moment came in 2012, when he convinced a popular San Francisco promoter to give him a gig spinning the side room at a large event held at a local favorite club, 1015 Folsom. Despite being practically unheard of, Jaxx managed to surprise everyone by holding the majority of the crowd for most of the night with not only his profound mixing skills, but also with his impeccable musical palate.

Shortly thereafter, he formed DJ Tristan Jaxx Productions after meeting with a group of men with the same determination and focus on bringing the journey back to the San Francisco club scene when BeatBox opened in the SOMA district. After hearing only a few of his early sets, the club owners gave him the support and space to create and promote a monthly dance party, which he fittingly called Chaos. Many would say that this hot-fusion, mammoth-energy monthly party transformed San Francisco’s club scene. Having experienced the trying task of being heard and respected despite experience level, Jaxx’s desire to encourage other up and coming DJ’s and supply them with a platform where they can share their passion for music resulted in a hugely successful event, month after month, for over three and a half years before he relocated to San Diego. During his time in San Francisco, Jaxx also

DJ Tristan Jaxx Biography Page 3 of 3 extended his foothold by creating and headlining the closing party of the Folsom Street Fair weekend (CLIMAXX) in 2012. The magnitude of this event (closing out the largest gay nightlife weekend in the city all year with a 7-hour set starting at 3AM following Real Bad), has increased exponentially each year, resulting in a JustCircuit Award nomination in 2016 for “Best After Hours.”

In 2013, Jaxx protracted the success and reach of DJ Tristan Jaxx Productions by creating a new monthly event called Overdrive in San Diego, where he is also the Resident DJ. His desire to support the industry by delivering high quality events and remarkable music now reaches club-goers in San Diego on a monthly basis.

After two years of stunning success at Overdrive, Jaxx began work with Artificial People on producing his own music festival, which will debut during San Diego Pride 2016 as UNITE! Music Festival. The 3-day, 5-event weekend will feature XLSIOR Mykonos, Masterbeat & WE Party brands, as well as his own Chaos, Overdrive & FLAUNT (co-produced with Artificial People) brands and will feature music styles from dozens of different genres.

While creating an epic journey within one night via the dancefloor symphony he conducts, Jaxx continuously includes his followers in his own journey by sharing his passion with the world. He is a determined, deeply focused man, perpetually exploring a new party galaxy. Whether he’s in your realm of the universe or you’re listening from afar, jump at the opportunity to open yourself up to the experience that only a “Jaxx Attack” can bring.