Masterbeat Class of 2019: New Year’s Los Angeles

December 30 - January 2

Mayan, Avalon, Exchange, Academy

The Countdown Has Begun

Come earn your Masters Degree at the biggest New Year’s Festival in the world, as Masterbeat presents: Class of 2019: New Year’s Los Angeles.

3 Days, 4 Events and 6 Superstar DJs

Kick off your New Year weekend at Masterbeat’s Frat House, with DJ’s Danny Verde and Ralphi Rosario where you can hang out with the bros as we transform Avalon into a giant Frat House. Then it’s on to the main event and graduation at New Year’s Eve 2019 at The Mayan with DJ’s Alexander and Micky Friedmann. After graduation, it’s time to let off some steam in some after school activities in the Gymnasium with Afterhours at Stock Exchange and DJ Alex Acosta. Finally, end your New Year’s weekend and kick off 2019 as you join the Academy with DJ Brett Henrichsen at Academy Nightclub.