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Masterbeat Graffiti

Masterbeat Graffiti LA Pride

Paint Los Angeles With Pride

We are taking it back to the streets… Back to a time when Los Angeles was edgy and alive with the beat …We are “breakin’” all the rules as we transform Belasco Theater to streets of Downtown LA.

Feel the rhythm and the hustle of Los Angeles.  It will be a night of like no other with an OLD SCHOOL look and feel.  DJ Danny Verde makes his LA debut bringing the beats and  helping us show you the gritty and painted side of LA.

It’s Los Angeles and we do it like no other city in the world.

This is the party that can’t be missed, our production of Graffiti in New York was reviewed as one of the best parties of all time, don’t miss your chance to experience it in Los Angeles, for one night only!

Music by:

  • Masterbeat