Souvenir Videos

Relive your favorite Masterbeat event in our souvenir videos. Each video takes you back to your favorite Masterbeat event. If you were there, relive the magic… if you missed it, now’s your chance to be there!

From Los Angeles to New York, Miami to Madrid, Masterbeat has been producing some of the largest gay dance events in the world since our first Masterbeat: The Club in 1998.

Masterbeat MASTERbuilt: NYC Pride 2018

LA Pride Supersized

Masterbeat Toy Factory

Masterbeat Kingdom: New Year’s 2018

Masterbeat Game Show: New York Pride 2017

Masterbeat Graffiti: New York Pride 2016

Safado: The Week Not My President’s Weekend

Forever Ice Cream Not My President’s Weekend

Masterbeat One World: New Year’s 2017

Masterbeat New Beginning: New Year’s 2016