A master in the DJ booth and in the recording studio, Alex’s energetic approach to original production work translates right to the dance floor, where every event is transformed into an unforgettable musical experience. Born in Cuba, surrounded by musical inspiration, Alex’s love of music surfaced early, and by age 19 he was a working DJ in LA, learning the ropes from the diverse talent pool available to him. In 1999 he began his first residency at Circus Disco, and during his four years there, Alex’s unique mixing style and ability to drive a dance floor every week got him noticed.

Most recently, Alex was added to the roster of resident dj’s at the New York city mega club, VIVA Saturdays by iconic promoters Ric Sena, John Blair & Beto Sutter.  His list of dj accomplishments include Songkran in Thailand, White Party Palm Springs, Winter Party Miami, Purple Party Dallas, Cherry D.C., Matinee Las Vegas, Karmabeat, Gaydate & Living in Mexico City.

Alex’s sound simply has to be heard live to be fully appreciated. Bringing his extensive knowledge of house, tribal and Latin rhythm to the tables, he seamlessly blends classic house, deep pulsating grooves and expressive vocal anthems with sexy tribal beats to forge a truly invigorating musical joy ride. And with his innovate mixing skills, he crafts a textured poly rhythmic sound that is known to work the dance floor into a frenzy with each added layer, leaving them begging for more. Whether it be a main event or an afterhours, his fans return time and time again because they know there will always be surprises and as yet unheard mixes in every live performance.