You’ve been given access to this page to request guest access to a Masterbeat event, either for yourself or a special guest that would qualify.  We welcome you and the guests you feel are VIP enough to receive this special privilege.

At the same time, we hope you’ll keep in mind as you receive your own ‘guest list requests’ that this privilege must become smaller and smaller as time goes on, and limited to only those that must receive a comp entry for justifiable reasons.

Back in the ‘good old club days’, a guest list was common at many clubs, and many people were routinely on them.  That’s because in those good old days, the clubs operated weekly, and the club was owned by the same people producing the event.  In short, if someone entered the club, they were still earning money from that person because that person was buying drinks or spending other money at the club.

Unfortunately, Masterbeat events are not club events.  We produce events at special venues that have astronomical rent charges and production fees.  We bring in a majority of everything you see, hire and pay the performers, DJ’s and staff, and the only revenue we receive is from ticket sales.  The venue keeps all of the bar, and we do not get a cut of that.

That means that for us to survive and continue producing these events at these venues, and hiring talent and performers, we need everyone possible, even our closest friends, to buy a ticket to the event.  Thank you!

With that said, this form is still definitely to be used for your approved allotment of guests or if someone from Masterbeat has referred you to this form for a guest list request.

Note that submitting this form does not automatically add the guest to a guest list.  Your request here will be reviewed, and if it’s recognized and approved, the guest will receive notification to find their comp ticket in the new Masterbeat app.  There is no longer an actual guest list at the door to any Masterbeat event.  All guests will find their comp ticket in the Masterbeat app, available for both Google and IOS.  Instructions on finding the ticket in the app are provided below and will also be sent to the guest when they are approved.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
Select one reason from drop down menu.
This is the # of people that will be admitted on the ticket. All most arrive at one time.
Unless otherwise approved, this # should not be more than 1.

App Matching

The information below is required for the guest to receive their comp ticket in the Masterbeat app.  The app will locate the comp ticket by looking up this entry with the email address you provide below.  They must use exactly the email they give you in advance and not use social sign in like Facebook, Google, or Apple sign in.

These instructions will also be sent to your guest after this request has been approved by Masterbeat.

Urge your guest to check the app for their ticket long before the event begins.  We will not be able to assist with missing tickets or app issues once the event has begun, they will then need to buy a ticket at the event.